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My main blog can be found at Sojourner Between Worlds.


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  1. My name is Yolanda. I am glad to have found your site. I too am childfree, and don’t choose to talk about all of my past. I have had incest, and other sexual abusers in my past. Plus an acquaintance rape I didn’t disclose until much later in life to very few people. I have suffered from dissociation, and later many symptoms, even now at 56 from Complex-Post Traumatic Stress. I won’t share all my family history, but I know now why I didn’t choose to have children when I was married. To have suffered from physical, sexual, emotional, and verbal abuse, financial abuse, and the second marriage, didn’t last one year. I divorced him after he abandoned me three years ago and left me in much debt. I too have taken care of children most of my life, and love my neice and her children, and a neice and nephew our family has no contact with because of their mother’s choice. I knew in my spirit I was not ready to raise children and wasn’t stable enough to work full time jobs most of my life, but have attended finished vocational school and now have a part time job as a peer supporter for those who have dealt with mental health issues. I’ve lived mostly an isolated life as an adult, and felt the stigma of mental health issues, but I consider myself as a survivor, but don’t have much support and only one intimate friend I can talk with at times. I’ve had much professional help, but know I still need healing, and pray I can have more peace in my life whild living alone. I seek God’s guidance, and want to stay in my Christian faith, even though I left my church two years ago, and didn’t feel I belonged there. I’m thankful God has alot of support on many sites for Christians who seek others who understand what some have gone through on their Christian walk, and don’t want to lose touch with other Christians. I know children are supposed to be a blessing, but I’ve seen many people bring children into the world in neglect, abuse and have alot of problems being unwanted. I love children also, and believe it’s better when children are wanted, can be raised by people who are financially, stable, and prepared for all the issues children bring in a family. No child asked to be abused, or treated badly. And I would rather be childfree, than have children just to please other people, who don’t understand what I’ve been through in my life. God bless you and your website, it gives me hope that God doesn’t judge me for all I’ve done in my life that others don’t understand, and God still loves me since I didn’t have children.